Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Boosh in Africa

So when my fellow keeper Kate decided to introduce our feeding car to a rather large kudu the end result was a broken window. Myself and fellow brit Hamish (a.k.a punk kid) went about making a temporary cover for the window and as we were doing so we noticed something very familiar - why we had created the Mighty Boosh logo! Both being fans of the great UK comedy show we added a few finnishing touches and showed of our creation to the cheetahs who were suitably impressed! Ok maybe they weren't but it made me and Hamish happy!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

For the Queen!

In my previous blog you may remember me telling you about the 13 American students we have with us at the moment and how I taught them a thing or two about drinking! Well, to add more detail at Laura’s leaving party the students started a beer bong contest which was ongoing throughout the party. I was invited to join in and was told CCF’s reputation was on my shoulders; I of course performed admirably and downed the beer in seconds and then later a Hunters Gold Cider. Travis (see pic below) failed to down a beer and I was then called upon by the cocky Americans to do the Queen proud, I of course took up the challenge only to find myself faced with downing a generous portion of Gin! The Americans must have thought I would submit but filled with bulldog spirit and a cry of ‘For the Queen!’ I downed the gin and ended the contest!!

Two days later myself and Kate took some of the students feeding with us with most of them preferring to stand in the back. Not learning their lesson they encouraged me to try and get them wet (the roads were filled with rather large puddles), with Travis unwisely asking me to ‘Bring it on’; which I certainly did with the end result being some very wet but happy Americans!!

PS – Yes mum I know you probably aren’t that impressed with this story but don’t worry I wasn’t sick at the party and didn’t embarrass myself that much!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Goodbye Laura :(

Last saturday we held a Boskop party to say goodbye to Laura who has kept CCF running smoothly for just over two years. We were joined by the 13 american students who have recently joined us from Florida and you'l be pleased to know I did england proud and showed them how to drink! Everyone had a great time, although we were all sad to be saying goodbye.

So goodbye Laura we will miss you and all the best for the future!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Aphodius sphacelatus

The recent rains here have stimulated a sudden increase in the number of creepy crawlies flying about, some are pretty cool such as the preying mantis but there is one bug, a member of the dung beetle family (Aphodius sphacelatus) that is the biggest argument for atheism yet, because there is no way a merciful god would create such an horrendously annoying abomination of nature!!!

Why are they so bad I hear you ask? Well, they are small enough to slip through the tiniest of holes and can get through the fly screens on our windows. So when the sunsets and you turn a light on you are immediatly surrounded by THOUSANDS of the horrible lil buggers!!!!!!!! You can't watch TV, you can't turn a light on to read a book and most depressingly you can't make a cup of tea!!!!!