Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bush Cricket

You may remember me talking about the introduction of cricket to CCF in a previous blog. And here is proof that its really taken of and the fields of Boskop (and donkeys) now regularly bare witness to titanic sporting battles on Sunday afternoons.

The pictures you see before you are from the first of the Boskop Test matches where CCF staff and volunteers formed teams of two and took turns to bat. Now, I have to say that I am rather good at her majesty's game so to make it fair I chose the Morkel as my partner who seriously failed to impress during our dinosaur weekend knock-around. So the game got underway and me and the Morkel took to the field and waited for our turn to bat.

Wickets fell at a quick pace, which was to be expected as most of the participants had never played the game before and it took them a while to learn the rules, especially the Americans who had a tough time realizing that they weren't playing Baseball.

Finally it was team Cleverley's turn and what followed will go down in the Boskop halls of fame as we proceeded to annihilate the competition! The Morkel summoned the eye of the tiger from somewhere and smashed the ball all over the park and at one point I hit the ball so hard that it literally disappeared. By the time the Morkel was bowled out we had racked up a monstrous 70 runs, a score that would prove unsurpassable by the others and the game was won!

There was some whining from the losers that we had hustled everyone and I knew of the Mighty Morkel's skill with the bat, but I can honestly say I didn't and her transformation from a hopeless amateur to cricket genius was worthy of a blockbuster sports movie with a montage.

Despite everyone taking defeat badly everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the great game did a fantastic job unifying multiple nationalities (Namibian, South African, American, British and even French) in a common cause :)

Photos by Rob Thomson

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Morkel No More

Its taken me a while to post this one but I couldn't not do a blog about the departure last month of a CCF legend....the mighty Cheri Morkel. Cheri is of to the big lights of Windhoek where she'll be working at a veterinary clinic there. However, at this very moment she is in the states meeting up with Leigh and has by now probably eaten half of the USA's chocolate supply and gained another Morkel in weight (yes you can use a Morkel as measurement of weight as well).

So Cheri requested a country hoe down for her farewell bash and wanted to have it in our barn, so we could have a proper barn dance! However, we were never going to be given the OK for that so I did my best and transformed our visitor centre into a barn complete with two tractors parked outside.

Many people thought I was mad but it was worth it as lil Cheri loved it and the scene was set for barn stopin' hootanany! A great night was had eating great food of the braii and dancing long into the night to country classics such as 'Achey Breaky Heart' and 'Cotten Eye Joe' :)

The Morkel will be greatly missed but her legend will continue especially with the installation of the Morkel meter, which is now the most common way of measuring things at CCF. We all wish her well for her new life in the city and hope its not too long until we can meet up again :)