Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Holiday Part 1: Home

Despite the best efforts of the Namibian authorities I finally made it home for my holiday. It was great to see my family and friends and I had a fantastic time. Here are some of the highlights:

One of my favorite places in England has to be the Cornish Cyder Farm, at this magical place you can learn how cyder is made and enjoy free samples! They also serve the best Cream Tea in the world - for those who don't know, a cream tea is a pot of tea served with scones with clotted cream and Jam .........delicious!! Knowing of my love of the place and my wish to pick up a Cornish Rattler glass my lovely sis and her boyfriend Jim decided to take me to Cornwall for a weekend. It was great being at the coast and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Cyder Farm, I enjoyed some free samples, picked up some Rattler Cyder and of course had a cream tea! Other highlights of the trip included having proper English Fish and Chips and playing some crazy golf.

It was nice to see my cats, Sam and Robbie again and I was pleased to find that they still remembered me and came up looking for attention. The two boys are starting to look their age now but are well looked after by mum and sis.

When I had to cancel my holiday in March due to visa issues I was thoroughly peed off and thought the world was against me. However, I then found out that my rescheduled holiday would mean I was in the UK at the same time Infected Mushroom were playing their only UK gig of the year, it was fate! I quickly booked up my tickets and on the 21st of May myself and my good friend Dan traveled to London and spent 6 glorious hours raving it up through the night to Psychedelic trance acts - the highlight being a two hour set by the Room! It was AWESOME!!!

I LOVE theme parks and haven't been to one in two years so again my wonderful sis stepped up and despite not being a fan of almost all theme park rides took me along to Thorpe Park where I had great fun trying out all the rides, the best was the 'Saw' which made even this hardcore roller coaster fan feel queasy at the end.

The night before I was due to fly back out to Namibia we had a family meal out at a local Pub and the grub served up was unbelievably good.

So there we have it, thanks to my mum and sis I really enjoyed my time back in the UK and was sad to leave so soon. But upon arrival in Namibia I would begin the second half of my hols with sis and Jim traveling around Namibia! Blog coming soon :)