Thursday, 31 May 2012

Matt's American Adventure: The Dream Continues!

So when we flew out of Pittsburgh two days ago I thought my Adventure had come to an end, but I was wrong! As regular followers of my blog will know more often than not I never have a straight forward journey from A to B and on this occasion my bad luck must have rubbed of onto Kate as she was told she would not be allowed on the plane from Atlanta to Johannesburg as her there was no blank 'visa' page in her passport to allow entry into South Africa. I will spare you the details of what followed but as you can imagine the rest of that evening was extremely stressful!! To solve the situation Kate would have to go the Passport Agency in Atlanta first thing in the morning and hope that pages could be inserted into her passport in time for us to catch the flight to J'burg that evening.  By the time we made it to hotel it was late, but we were able to get hold of our friend Ashley and arranged to meet up with her in the morning. 

So after no where near enough sleep we made our way to the Passport Agency and Kate was given the good news that her passport would be ready to collect at 2.00pm - A HUGE relief!! The rest of the day then turned out to be fantastic as we met Ashely and as promised we got to go to Georgia Aquarium including seeing some of the behind the scenes areas. Both Kate and I were blown away by the Aquarium, it is extremely well designed with the highlight being the largest tank in the world containing Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.........stunning! Big thanks to Ashley for showing us around.
After the Aquarium Kate successfully picked up her passport and I then I got the chance to continue my American Cuisine Odyssey and went to the Hard Rock Cafe where we met Ashley's boyfriend Austin. I had a pulled pork sandwich - Thumbs Up! 

In the end you might say it was worth missing the flight! We eventually had to say our goodbyes and make are way back to the airport and thankfully we had no more problems. Even the 15 hour flight was much more comfortable this time as I drank a lot more water and took some sleeping pills. Kate and I are currently at a Guest House just outside Johannesburg airport and we fly back to Namibia tomorrow afternoon...hopefully :)

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